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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tomorrowland Music Festival 2017 Unite : Dubai, Germany, Lebanon, Israel And More

hello good looking people sorry for late but i am back with good news for you and i am sure if you listen this news then you feel glad. you know friends this is the biggest music festival ever in the world. but if you do not want to go Belgium then i have good news for you.

tomorrowland 2017 Unite has already announced and going to take place shortly. so first i have answer of your question, What is tomorrowland unite? so friends you tomorrwland unite is the live streaming of tomorrowland electronic music festival event. it will going to happen in Dubai, germany, lebanon, israel, malta, spain, and taiwan. so these 8 countries are selected for tomorrowland unite.

Tomorrowland Music Festival 2017 Unite : Dubai, Germany, Lebanon, Israel And More

Tomorrowland music festival concept 2017

on this 29th and 30th july tmorrowland unite is set to take place. live telecast performance is going to happen in those 8 countries which i have listed above paragraph. some DJs going to perform in those countries through tomorrowland unite.  maxico, india and south africa have been removed from tomorrowland unite in this time so i think this is the bad news for fans who belongs to these countries.

Tomorrowland Unite Dubai 2017

 Tomorrowland Unite Dubai 2017
 Tomorrowland Unite Dubai 2017

this is the first time going to happen in dubai. so no doubt in dubai tomorrowland craze is very high level and on fire. on 29th july is the date of tomorrowland unite in Dubai. i hope you fans are registered your tickets. if not then do it now.

Tomorrowland music festival Dubai- Location: the festival in dubai is going to happen in city arena on 29th july. 14hr to 3hr.

Tomorrwland Dubai unite per-registration and ticket : first i am say to sorry because because tomorrowland music festival dubai unite section already closed. but if you still want then you shoudl go to the tomorrowland official website to purchase the ticket online. and minimum cost is 490.00 AED so you shoudl grab it. if you want to table then it is 15,000 AED to 100,000 AED. 18th april 2017 is the starting date of this sale and still on going so don't wait and hurry.

tomorrowland 2017 Dubai unite- lineup/artists : in tomorrowland electronic music festival you can see the best djs ever that you can't see at other. unite is called mirror of tomorrwland. As of now, Armin Van Burren, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, KSHMR are going to perform for dubai unite.

Tomorrowland 2017 unite Germany

in this year people of Germany can attend tomorrowland unite because this time Germany added in tomorrowland unite list so i think this is very good news for people of Germany.

Tomorrowland music festival Germany- Location: the tomorrowland unite going to happen the cityVeltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen on 29th July 2017 at 12h – 00h in Germany.

Tomorrwland Germany unite per-registration and ticket : in order to get tickets it is very important for you to buy a ticket now. once you pre registered then you will get a link in email which you can buy the tickets online. 

tomorrowland 2017 Germany unite- lineup/artists : armin van burren, dimitri vegas, KSHMR and like mike are the performer for Germany unite and it will connect soon and then people of Germany who pre registered can watch directly streamed live performance from there stage. nicky romero and timmy trumpet are going to live perform in germany.

Tomorrowland unite 2017 Lebanon

Tomorrowland music festival Lebanon- Location: you can watch live streaming at Live Byblos in La Plage Des Rois on 29th July 2017 from 17h00 to 04h.

Tomorrwland Lebanon-unite per-registration and ticket : on 22nd april 2017 ticket registration ended but the good news is you can purchase ticket from offcial website of tomorrowland normal ticket price is 105,000LBP. so provide your email and grab your ticket.

 tomorrowland 2017 Lebanon-unite- lineup/artists :on 29th july Armin Van Burren, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike going to perform live for Lebanon unite audience. some more live performance will available but not confirmed yet.

Tomorrowland unite 2017 Israel

After seeing the spirit of isreal people in 2016 tomorrowland unite decided to perform again in 2017. tomorrowland decided to make it happen this year also.

Tomorrowland music festival Israel- Location: Live Park Arena in Rishon LeZion on 29th July 2017 at 19h  – 04h is the location and time to catch tomorrowland unite in Israel.

Tomorrwland Israel-unite per-registration and ticket : we are really sorry to say you that on 3th april 2017tomorrowland ticket sale closed so you should pre register to attend tomorrowland electronic music festival.

tomorrowland 2017 Israel- unite- lineup/artists : Armin Van Burren, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, KSHMR live performances will be streamed directly form Tomorrowland main stage to the event location.not only this but Steve Angelo going to perform live there.

Tomorrowland unite 2017 Malta

Tomorrowland unite 2017 Malta
Tomorrowland unite 2017 Malta

the people of malta are excited because this is first time happen in Malta so no doubt fans are goes crazy.

Tomorrowland music festival Malta Location: it will going to take place at Marsa Sports Grounds in Malta on 29th July 2017 from 14h to 02h.so be careful and don't miss it.

Tomorrwland Malta-unite per-registration and ticket : friends without registration you will not get the ticket so first you need to register it from official website of tomorrowland because per-registration already closed. so don't miss and go there and book your ticket right now.

 tomorrowland 2017 Malta -unite- lineup/artists : officially not announcement yet but Armin Van Burren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will be performing live from the main stage of Tomorrowland Electronic  music festival happening in boom Belgium for people of Malta on 29th July 2017.

Tomorrowland unite 2017 South Korea


Tomorrowland music festival south korea Location: you can attend this event on Incheon Munhak Stadium in Incheon Metropolitan City on the date 29th July 2017 from 20h to 08h Time. so people of south korea should go this city to attend it.

Tomorrwland south Korea korea-unite per-registration and ticket :it was started since april and the date is 5th april 2017. if you want to per-register then you will get a link on mail which you provided during preregistration open the link from mail and grab it.

 tomorrowland 2017 south Korea -unite- lineup/artists : from the main stage of Tomorrowland music festival happening in Belgium the Armin Van Burren, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike will be performing live  for people of Malta on  the date 29th July 2017. for more information stay tuned.  this festival first time going to happen in SK so let's see the audience craziness. 

Tomorrowland unite 2017 Spain

Tomorrowland unite 2017 Spain
Tomorrowland unite 2017 Spain

this is first time happening tomorrowland electric music festival in spain people should say thanks to tomorrowland unite organizers. 

 Tomorrowland music festival spain Location: people would attend this event in the city Barcelona Parc de Can Zam and the time and date is 29th July 2017 from18h to 03h.

Tomorrwland spain-unite per-registration and ticket : i am really sorry to say that per-registeration is already closed for spain users. but general admission ticket is still available so you can attend it from general admission.

tomorrowland 2017 spain -unite- lineup/artists : Armin Van Burren, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike will be performing live from boom Belgium on live streaming. also the organizers want to add some live performances by Afrojack, Steve Aoki, YVES V and Double Pleasure. so you have double benefit.

Tomorrowland unite 2017 Taiwan

Tomorrowland unite 2017 Taiwan
Tomorrowland unite 2017 Taiwan

 Tomorrowland music festival Taiwan Location: E-Da World in Kaohsiung is the exact location of tomorrowland unite taiwan on 29th July 2017 from19h to 07h.

Tomorrwland Taiwan -unite per-registration and ticket : friends if yu are pre registered then you will get the link on your mail but you should wait for it otherwise contact tomorrowland team to get email link to grab the tickets.

tomorrowland 2017 Taiwan -unite- lineup/artists : for this country Armin Van Burren, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike going to perform live for fans. for more details announced soon for grab the detail regularly keep visiting here. 

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