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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Halloween Horror Nights And Creatures 2018

Halloween horror nights and creatures

Strange superstitions and tales are fantastic as the world, but have you ever wondered what the origin of the most popular monsters of Halloween is? During the Halloween 2017  horror nights, these are some of the most frequent monsters you can encounter:

Vampires: Dracula - Romania

For thousands of years have passed from generation to generation legends of ghosts immortal, sucking people's blood, and today countenances these vampires take shape in the imaginations of those stories from teenagers wire and a pale face, to creatures with eyes glassy in the night. But none of these legends do not compare with the notoriety and old nobleman Count Dracula, which surely we all heard.

Thanks may be made to Bram Stoker's - author of the novel "Dracula" in 1897 - because it created and put into aristocrat artistic expression of the unearthly medieval myth of Romania.

Vampires: Dracula - Romania

Stoker was guided by the story of the sinister ruler of Romanian in the 15th century, VladDracul (the Devil is the name given to the people for the word "dragon" because the Order of the Dragon was a military distinction received by Vlad and his father, Vlad I, son MirceaCelBatran).

VladDracul lived for a while and Bran Castle in Transylvania and its cruel practices on prisoners of war or those in prisons, to impale him, brought him the reputation of "Impaler".

Then the remaining archaeological ruins, which are closely linked with the reign of Vlad the Impaler, but Castle in Bran Bran, Brasov County, is where you can feel that you get into the skin of Count Dracula.

Frankenstein monster - Switzerland

Frankenstein monster - Switzerland

Strange being resurrected from the dead by Doctor Victor Frankenstein is another strange character immortalized in classical literature, this time in 1816 under the pen of a young girl of only 18 years, Mary Shelley.

Shelley testified that idea novel, considered the first opened the door to science fiction and came in a dream one night, after spending an entire summer rainy shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Groups of friends, including Mary Shelley, spent most of her time in the house, the Villa Diodati, due to bad weather and to kill his time reading stories about ghosts and discussing new scientific ideas of the moment. Then they decided that each of them to write their story freak and thus after the fateful dream has arisen Frankenstein monster.

However, only in 1931, film director Boris Karloff gave a grotesque and bloody face the monster we know today.

Mummies - Egypt

Mummies - Egypt

There's nothing supernatural when it comes to the mummies of ancient Egypt, of course. In fact, Pharaohs considered death as the Great Passing, not as something that should be afraid, hence the full suite of rituals and ceremonies. And cursed mummies idea, then where? Well, here we approach the culture obsessive Victorian occultism.

In 1922, near Luxor in Egypt Explorer, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tut's mummified along with objects of gold, over 3,000 years old. When he returned home to Britain, the press and public opinion exploded. Subsequently, expedition sponsor, Lord Carnavaron, was ill and died. They spread such rumors about a supposed curse by pouring fuel on the fire off articles in newspapers and publications. Pharaohs Curse myth was perpetuated even if Carter himself lived happily ever after. It went with the idea that Carter's canary death, eaten by a cobra, was due to all the curse, because cobras beings are protective of the Pharaohs!

And we now believe that the mummies are bodies ambulances of the Pharaohs that rise from the dead and walk with arms outstretched in front ... but true mummies were so good to wrap that and would wake up from their sleep of death, would prevent or roll and in any case could not walk!

Werewolves - Greece

Werewolves - Greece

Can Believe it or not, but the first written mention dates from the 1st century AD werewolves! The ancient Greeks wrote allegorical stories about men who either because of a curse or because affinity, human changed their appearance. The official term for changing the form is lycanthropy, from the Greek word "Lykos" which means "wolf" and "Anthropos," which means "man."

The best-known story is the mythological King Lycaeon that, questioning the omniscient power of Zeus and brought an offering great god of man meat dishes, to test his divine powers. As punishment for his blasphemy, King was sentenced to a cannibalistic and solitary existence as a werewolf.

Mount Lykaion in Arcadia region of Greece, was named after the unfortunate king and means Mount Wolf.

Witches - Salem

Witches - Salem

Witchcraft is the new black trend.

Belief in magic rituals was increased as part of human existence since the time our ancestors gathered around the fire just discovered.

In the battle between good and evil in Christianity, witchcraft was seen unquestionably as in connection with devil worship and has not been too long since West had started a large-scale real witch hunt.

The burning of persecution was that of Salem; wherein the 17th century was held real witchcraft trials and convictions. It all began in the colony of Massachusetts, when a young girl from the community has shown symptoms of violent contortions and screams, and doctors were quick to put his diagnosis of "witchcraft". Soon they followed other victims. Finally, to be accepted in the community that the process was a mistake, more than 200 people have been accused of "practicing black magic and brotherhood with the devil."

Today, Salem is a city worth visiting for things "magical", despite its dark past ... even logos Salem police cars ... are the witches riding broomsticks!

Zombie - Haiti

Zombie - Haiti

Named after the Creole people of Haiti, 'zombie' zombie figure roots in Afro-Caribbean folklore. It was believed - and still believe - that a zombie is a man who was raised from the grave and which was designated a doll, "bokor."

Alleged restore to life the magic of a corpse usually it was considered a punishment for which is not given free will or ability to speak. Sound familiar? But how then stayed with an incredible hunger for a piece of juicy sirloin man alive? Well, zombie today - terrible man-eating exit cemeteries - are, without surprise, rather products of Hollywood and not Haiti.

George A. Romero, the director of a low-budget horror film, "Night of the Living Dead," is considered the father of modern zombie character, while not so christened it. Today we are accustomed to the notion of these repulsive creatures awakened from the dead, but the movie was released in 1968 JV, the audience was downright shocked!

Halloween horror nights are famous all around the world, and they can lead to great parties with many Halloween costumes and traditions.

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