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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Halloween Traditions, Halloween Party and Events Ideas

Halloween arrives in America, but then became famous worldwide

Halloween came in the British colonies in North America, mostly because Protestants refused to practice European traditions. But the New World was the one who gave the world Halloween, as it is known today.

Halloween Traditions, Halloween Party and Events Ideas

In the southern colonies North American continent, people gathered at public facilities, which tells the story about the dead, they fouled one another, their wizards, danced and sang, and kept habits today.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Americans have embraced full feast: all over North America, people costumes and went from house to house asking for food and money. But mostly eliminated superstition and Christian beliefs: people were advised to dress children in clothes as fun and spending habits were more important than the church.

From the middle of the twentieth century, Americans began to associate Halloween with a celebration of children who come dressed in the streets to ask for sweets neighbors. Thus, Halloween was transformed into a commercial festival that brings only in the United States over six billion dollars traders.

Thanks to the North American tradition of Halloween has arrived in all corners of the world: it is celebrated not only in Europe and North America but also in South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and East Asia.

Modern Halloween traditions

Halloween, everyone goes to a Halloween party chooses a suit. Origin costume comes from both the Christians and the Celts. For fear that they will be recognized by the spirits of dead people disguised. For fear of evil spirits, they wore masks after sunset. Otherwise, it was believed that the spirits of his confused with other ghosts and left them alone.

Children go from house to house to get candy. In medieval Europe, the Feast of All consecrated Christians gave to the poor small cakes made especially for this day. In exchange for food, needy, they promised that they would pray for the dead. Over time, children have started going to the neighbors, who gave them beer, food, and money.

Traditionally, Halloween pumpkin dishes are served dishes, apples, and nuts.

Because Halloween has spread around the world, many Christian traditions differ and old habits are no longer related. Although the US and Canada, Halloween are organized parades and celebrations are downright spectacular in the world, the holiday is especially popular among young people, organizing private parties and going to clubs.

Most countries outside Europe have adopted Halloween due to the influence of American culture and take over the commercial side of the holiday. For example, in Hong Kong, no one goes out on the streets and the neighbor to ask for candy.

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