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History, Information Of Halloween || Story Behind Halloween

Story Behind Halloween

A rich tradition backs the popular celebration of Halloween, often dotted with charming stories for fans of mysteries. The Celtic populations of old were a festival of shadows, a great opportunity to come into contact with beings from another realm. Fireworks lit the sacred ritual gifts they fell, and there were prophecies. But what about the famous symbol that illuminates the mysterious troublemaker pumpkin Halloween night?

Story Behind Halloween

Well, it's an old Irish legend exported to America, that has as the main character Jack O'Lantern stingy, later metamorphosed into the lantern that we all know. Stingy Jack was a man, big fan of the drink, lawless no regrets that they always play tricks on people close and beyond. A one day dared to challenge even the devil.

One night, Jack chooses the devil as a partner of drinking. How he did not want to pay for the drink, it tricks they turn into a coin to pay its debt. But keep a currency while releasing it only provided they do not disturb him for a year. Jack turned away after this farce and a trap for him in May.

Shoelace, convinces him to climb a tree to give him an apple, then Jack filled the place with dozens of crosses and nicks the sign of the cross on the bark because they can not descend Scaraotski. Desperate, the devil asks Jack what he can offer to him freed. Minx makes Jack promise that he would not seize hold of his soul when he will give up the ghost. Enshrines the devil and Jack keeps his word and leave him free aside the crosses.

After many years of parties and pranks, and he gives his Jack be dying and reach the gates of heaven, guarded by St. Peter. He firmly declares that led a life too delฤƒsฤƒtoare and his soul oozing malice and wickedness. Heaven would not open for him. So Jack will reverse course, the cesspool of hell. But there he meets one of those fooled: the devil, and he who keeps his word and does not get it Jack into everlasting fire. Jack is stricken.

He has nowhere to go, leaving the wanderer on the road between heaven and hell for eternity. Funky, devil asks how it will do no torch to guide him. Unclean, they took pity on him and gave him a burning flame from the depths, to serve him in the solitary journey.

Jack then introduced hot embers that are dim in a hollowed turnip and get a nice lantern. Turnips were one of his favorite dishes and swiped them whenever the chance. Since then, Jack stingy has roamed the world without finding peace, and banished from heaven, and hell, with the only companion, turned into a turnip lantern.

Irish Halloween used to make turnips, winter squash, potatoes and beets to make lanterns to keep them from evil spirits and especially of Jack-the-less rest. In the 1800s, when several waves of immigrants walk on American soil, they quickly realize that give their pumpkins were easier to use and processing, adopting them as a symbol to the detriment of turnips. Jack was born O'Lantern, carved pumpkin lit and all sorts of faces all over the world.

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