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Thursday, 2 August 2018

#11+ Happy Grand Parents Day Speech In Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil , Marathi And Malayalam

Grandparents day speech in telugu:-Grandparents Day is celebrated very lovingly in every school, college and society. Essay competition and competition are held on the occasion of the Grandparents of the school and college.

There are 5 members in my family, my parents, sister and grandmother.In my life grandfather's umbrella was not found. My grandmother loves me a lot. My grandmother's age is 65 years old.copy these grandparents day speech in kannada and past in your timeline.

We should live with our grandfather. If we do not have time, then we will definitely get time for it, week or even once in a month. Keep up with him. Do not forget him day after day. I hope you enjoyed this grandparents day speech in tamil.

Grandfathers provide the greatest age and strong bond in any family. Those who keep members in close proximity with extended people. All the members have to listen to him and he has to do it. if you are looking for grand parents day speech by principal then you have landed on right place.

Grandparents Day Speech In Hindi 

Grandparents day is celebrated in different countries. In many countries, this is a famous festival of reciprocity. Grandparents Day is celebrated in all schools and colleges in particular. Here i have gathered some urdu speech on grandparents day

Thank God that he made  grandparents. By having a grandfather's house, parents can do whatever they want in their careers, they can handle small children.grab this grandparents day speech in malayalam .

Grandparents Our life is very important. Like Grandparents thinking, feeling and nature happens. Similar thoughts, feelings, and temperament come inside us.copy these grand parents day speech in marathi and past in your timeline.They are taught a lot in life.

grandparents day speech in hindi
grandparents day speech in hindi pdf

दादा-दादी अपने पोता-पोती के साथ बहुत ही विशेष बंधन को साझा करते हैं। वे एक-दूसरे से मिलकर और एक दूसरे का साथ पाकर बहुत आनंदित महसूस करते हैं। कुछ परिवारों में यह बंधन माता-पिता और बच्चे के संबंध से भी काफी मजबूत होता है। अपने बच्चों के प्रति दादा-दादी का प्यार और स्नेह वाकई बेहद बेमिसाल होता है।

दादा-दादी और पोता-पोती के बीच संबंध

पहले के समय में बच्चों को उनके दादा-दादी के साथ समय व्यतीत करने का काफी मौका मिलता था पर अब वे अलग परिवार बसाने की बढ़ती प्रणाली की प्रवृत्ति के कारण एक-दूसरे से कम ही मिल पाते हैं। जहाँ तक माता-पिता की बात है तो वे कई निजी और व्यावसायिक प्रतिबद्धताओं के कारण अपने बच्चों को दादा-दादी के पास ले जाने का पर्याप्त समय नहीं बचा पाते पर उन्हें किसी भी हाल में एक दूसरे के साथ समय व्यतीत करने के लिए कोशिश करनी होगी। यहां कुछ ऐसे सुझाव दिए गए हैं जो इस दिशा में काम में लिए जा सकते हैं:
अगर आप अपनी पेशेवर प्रतिबद्धताओं के कारण माता-पिता से नहीं मिल पाते हैं या उनके साथ लम्बा समय व्यतीत नहीं कर पाते हैं तो आप अपने बच्चों को कुछ दिनों के लिए अपने माता-पिता के घर छोड़ सकते हैं या अपने माता-पिता को अपने निवास स्थान पर रहने के लिए बुला सकते हैं।
यात्रा करना अक्सर एक परेशानी का सबब बन सकती है हालांकि यह आपको किसी के संपर्क में रहने से रोक नहीं सकती। आपको यह सुनिश्चित करना होगा कि आपके बच्चे फोन या वीडियो कॉल के माध्यम से नियमित रूप से आपके माता-पिता से बात करते रहें।
आप अपने बच्चों द्वारा लिखे गए पत्र और कार्ड पोस्ट उन्हें अपने दादा-दादी को भेजने के लिए कह सकते हैं। यह थोड़ा पुराने जमाने का एहसास दिला सकता है लेकिन यह निश्चित रूप से स्थायी प्रभाव डाल कर बंधनों के बीच की दूरी ख़त्म कर सकता है।
ई-कॉमर्स पोर्टल्स के आगमन के साथ उपहार भेजना आसान हो गया है। अपने बच्चों को अपने दादा-दादी के लिए उपहारों का चयन करने में मदद करें और उन्हें विशेष अवसरों पर भेजने में सहायता करें।


दादा-दादी द्वारा सिखाए गये जीवन के सबक किसी भी पुस्तकों को पढ़ कर या किसी भी कक्षा में पढ़ कर नहीं सीखे जा सकते। माता-पिता पोता-पोती और दादा-दादी के बीच जुड़ने के बिंदु हैं और उन्हें यह सुनिश्चित करने की ज़िम्मेदारी लेनी होगी कि वे इस संबंध को जीवित बनाए रखें।

Grandparents Day Speech In English 

In today's modern era, the contact between grandparents and granddaughter is becoming limited. The answer is only the parent. Therefore,I hope you enjoyed this welcome speech for grandparents day. he should not have time to get out and should maintain bondage.

Grandparents does not want anything from us except for love. The only desire of the grandparents is that after reading our grandchildren, we become a big man. if you are looking for grandparents day speech in hindi pdf then you have landed on right place.They teach a lot to the child.

Grandparents Day Speech In English
grandparents day speech in malayalam

Good Morning to all present today! We are all gathered here to celebrate the eldership that is by all means the presence of all the goodness and positivity in any home. Grandparents are indeed providing the strongest bond in any family that keeps the members including the extended ones, closely together. Opportunity to be with uncles, aunts & cousins during vacations is the best part of everybody’s life. This luxury we get only at our grandparents’ house. So I thank all the Grandparents who took out time and altered their schedules to be here for us today to share with us their precious moments!

One who is brought up by his or her parents and grandparents is enriched doubly, by double the experience, double the love, twice the fun and two times the values and guidance they get. Grandparents bring the best out of their most cherished children’s children. Their presence in the life of their grand children is like the presence of Sun. The children, who have not seen their grandparents, are indeed the most unfortunate ones. They remain deprived of a lot of goodness and groundedness that they get otherwise. The values that are instilled in their grand children are something their parents can only dream of doing. The parents, as it is, are so very busy with their careers, making the best of everything and achieving the standards of living that we have set very high for all of us. Not that it is bad, but just that spending time with the children when they need you; makes it impossible for the parents at all the times.

But really, thank God He created grandparents! (Laughter) Yes, isn’t that true? It is only that where there are grandparents, the parents can go do what they intend to with their careers, and know that they have this very reliable back up with them for their little bundles of joy. Not that there is a shortage of nannies or crèche’s but these support machines cannot even begin to matchup with the abilities of the grandparents. I am not saying that I am comparing them to any kind of help. All I am saying is that there are families for whom it is a luxury to have grandparents. They might have grandparents living in their hometown or simply because the family migrated in a foreign country for better opportunities and grandparents didn’t. I say, that such families are simply less fortunate.

Where both the father & mother are earning, keeping a full time help is a norm, so there is no physical pressure on the grandparents who are getting older and wiser each day. That way the grand parents do not get taxed on their physical strength and are always there for the little souls who need to be loved, nurtured and looked after well. To me I see it as the second innings for the grandparents. They have fulfilled all their worldly responsibilities and are at ease with what life demands from them. So their stress levels are touching zero, well almost! Now comparing this with the parents, I see it is a life full of activity, vigour and events, so they would be behaving in a way with their kids, not by their choice but by the circumstances they are in. Naturally grandparents are huge moderators in the family. I cannot imagine a house without grandparents. Though there are a huge number of nuclear families, but I am sure if given a chance they would all want to live with their elders or get them living closer to their homes.

It goes without saying that how happy we are going to make them when we take good care of them. We get to spend time with them and in return learn a whole lot of things that no one will ever teach us. And the amount of love, care and patience that we will earn from them is immeasurable. A relation they say is always two ways. To an extent it is true I say. But when it comes to loving grand children, I say grandparents make an exception. Their love is unconditional, unbinding, pure, non demanding and above all mystical. They do not expect anything in return from their children or little grand masters. They can endlessly and tirelessly go on with their stories that seem to come out of Pandora’s Box, linking the little ones past and yet so forward, preparing them for their future. A little respect, a lot of love and care for their grandparents comes naturally to the grand children, effortlessly.

I would like to end my speech by saying this that in a house where elders are cherished and looked after well, lives God himself. Grandparents complete life’s circle of love. Someone once said, “THEY ARE A LITTLE BIT OF PARENTS, A LITTLE BIT OF TEACHER AND A LITTLE BIT OF FRIEND”.

Thank you and have a day filled with love, care and laughter.

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